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Articles on Storytelling & Storytellers –

National Storytelling Network –

Northlands Storytelling Network –

International Storytelling Center –

Network of Biblical Storytellers –

National Storytelling Festival –


Michigan Festivals & Tours:

Ann Arbor Storytellers Guild -

Ark Storytelling Festival –

Detroit Association of Black Storytellers Annual Concert & Workshop – (313) 442-3227

Detroit Story League –

Dogwood Fine Arts Festival, Dowagiac –

Jackson StoryFest –

MI Story: Michigan’s Storytelling Calendar –
Listing storytelling events open to the public, storytelling groups and guilds, workshops and classes, and Call for Tellers. Free subscription: send your name and email address to Subscription Editor, Judy Sima, at . No information will be shared without your permission.

Michigan Arts & Humanities general & grant info –

Michigan Arts & Humanities Touring Directory –

Michigan Storytellers Festival, Flint –


Other Sites of Interest

August House –

Bristol Hills Storytelling Festival, Indiana –

Illinois Storytelling -

Indiana Storytelling -

Libraries Unlimited –

Minnesota storytelling - Northstar Storytelling League -

Missouri - St. Louis Gateway Tellers -

Nebraska Story Arts:

NSN Environmental Discussion Group -

NSN Healing Story Alliance Special Interest Group (HSA) -

NSN Interfaith Discussion Group -

NSN Producers and Organizers Special Interest Group (PRO) -

NSN Storytelling in Higher Education Special Interest Group (SHE) -

NSN Storytelling in Organizations Special Interest Group (SIO) – 

NSN Youth, Educators, Storytellers Alliance Special Interest Group (YES!) -

Ohio Order for Preservation of Storytelling -

Southern Ohio Storytelling Arts and Music Festival

St. Louis Storytelling Festival -

St. Mary’s Storytelling Festival –

Story Arts On Line - 

Story Lovers - - SOS (searching out stories lists sources & bones of stories organized by theme) & beautiful storytelling stationery

StoryTell Discussion List - Worldwide discussion about storytelling - -

Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada - 

Storytelling Power -

StoryWatchersClub (DVD series of live storytelling) -

Teachers’ Porch, Karen Chace -

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival (Utah) -

W.O.W. Weekends (Working on Our Work retreats) –

Wisconsin Storytelling -